Senior Watch: Virtual Dementia Tour 

Becky Siebert a Licensed Practical Nurse at Deer Isle’s Island Nursing Home and Care Center, was in for this week’s Senior Watch, to talk about an upcoming event open to the public that takes them on a virtual dementia tour.

Becky runs the free Virtual Dementia Tour, the nonprofit nursing home. She is┬ácertified as a “Dementia Practitioner” by the National and International Councils of Dementia Practitioners.

The “tour” is a simulation that enables people to briefly “walk in the shoes” of a person with dementia. Island Nursing Home is offering this 30-minute experience to the public on Thursday, August 11, and Friday August 12.

Anyone who is curious about dementia would benefit. Caregivers, family members and friends of people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia find the tour especially helpful.

For more information or to sign up, contact [email protected] or at 348-6509.

The tour, which is by appointment, takes place at the nursing home at 587 North Deer Isle Road in Deer Isle.