Former Unity College President’s Home Repurposed 

Unity College is repurposing the former president’s home.

In the fall, students and faculty move into the energy-efficient space.

It’s an addition to the other classrooms on campus.

“I hope I get to have class down here. That’d be really nice,” said Georgia Male, a Unity College senior.

The Unity House used to be off limits to students.

“It’s a little bit odd. I’ve been here before when it was a president’s home,” said Male.

But come fall, the space will be exclusively for academics and events.

Not only does the converted home add classrooms to campus, but Unity House is net zero – which means it generates as much energy as it uses each year.

“They’ll be in a space that was designed with the intent of having a low-carbon and a low-resource footprint,” said Unity’s Chief Sustainability Officer Jennifer deHart.

That’s the standard Unity College already sets for its students.

The new learning space reveals LEED Platinum construction, much of the emphasis on keeping the place warm in the winter – for cheap.

“Students in any of our programs can actually figure out and learn how to design, how to build a home that is energy-efficient,” said Unity’s President Melik Khoury.

“It’s isolated on its own, so you’ve got the classroom and then nature everywhere. So you’ve got an outdoor and indoor learning space which is great,” said Male.

The garage is also being recycled. It will be a laboratory for energy-focused students.

Unity College rededicates the building on Saturday at 2 p.m.