Speedway 95 Pays Tribute to Late Driver Kelcin Dullas 

Speedway 95’s “Wacky Wednesday” is when the everyday driver hops on the track and gives it a run. They were all part of a special night last night in Hermon.

“It’s supposed to be a cheap division. We’re trying to make it as safe as possible where obviously there are flaws.” says Hampden Roadrunner driver James Goodman, “But we’re trying to make it as safe as possible. It’s fun it’s cheap it’s just a good time.”

The racing community is small and whether they know each other or not they took a moment last night to pay tribute to one of their own. Levant 19-year-old Kelcin Dullas died in a truck accident last weekend in Pittsfield. A lap and the crowd showing support for him after a moment of silence. Race winner James Goodman of Hampden knew Kelcin.

“It sucks to lose a friend especially in the way that it happened. Kelcin was a friend of ours. I’ve known him a while. It was fun racing against him,” says Goodman, “It’s weird him and I were just talking out there about racing against each other and how much fun we were having. I think it’s nice the racing community can come together like they have. Especially in an instance where a fellow racer did pass away. I think it’s awesome the crowd was happy to see something like that. I think it made everyone in the racing community closer.”