Skowhegan Stitching Shop Producing Maine Made American Flags 

A Skowhegan stitching shop is proud to be selling their first batches of American flags for the Fourth of July.

They’re Maine made and stitched together by hand.


Charlene Goodridge couldn’t stay away.

“It’s always been home. It’s always been home and I love to stitch. I love to stitch,” she said.

Charlene retired from New Balance down the street in Skowhegan just five months ago, but when she heard her previous job sewing flags would be up for grabs, she knew she had to come back to work.

This is Maine Stitching Specialties’ first Independence Day producing flags.

They’re carrying on a legacy from former company Dirigo Stitching, which Bill Swain bought in 2014.

“What we do does cost a lot more, but is far more durable and doesn’t fade in the sun and just lasts a lot longer and just has a much richer look to it that you want to see in your American flag,” said Swain.

He says they take pride in the craftsmanship that goes into each stripe of the flag.

Charlene, who calls herself the “Flag Lady”, says she thinks Skowhegan deserves the jobs Maine Stitching is offering.

“Cause we’re the little people. We are. Everybody in here wants to work and we all enjoy what we do or we wouldn’t be here,” said Goodridge.

Swain says this is just the beginning. He plans to expand their product line and hire more employees in the next few months.

“Because we know we have a really talented workforce here in Maine and we think we can make products that will stand above all else,” said Swain.

“When do you think you’re gonna retire now?” asked TV5 reporter Brenna Kelly.

“Never. I’m not – I’ve always worked. I don’t know any different you know. And I enjoy working, being productive. I like being productive,” said Goodridge.

You can find Maine Stitching’s flags in Reny’s stores statewide and at LL Bean in Freeport.