Finance Is Fun: Marriage and Money Questionnaire 

Marion Syverson was in with some financial tips for couples who are planning their new lives together.
Here is a compilation of some of the marriage and money questionnaires available to couples planning to marry. How would you answer these questions and would taking such a survey have been a help to you?
Share personal information, like credit scores, before you are married
One of you marries with debt, the other is debt-free. Who is responsible for the debt once you are married?
Will you pool all of your resources into one pot of money every month or keep things more separate?
What happens if she wants to save and he wants to spend? Keep some money separate.
Let’s say you are hit by a financial set-back. What items will you cut from your budget?
What if, for the needs of the budget, you both work and one of you is laid off? Will you move, pare down your expenses, take any job?
In investing he takes risk and she doesn’t. Should you invest separately?
What about a stay-at-home parent? Is that in the plan? What is the catalyst for that?
Are you buying a house or renting?
When you have kids is saving for retirement or college the priority?

Lots of great questions for important discussions on real-life money applications. Many of us wish we had asked these questions before we were married!