Volunteers Rehab Green Street Park in Waterville 

As part of a week-long celebration of neighborhood revitalization projects, volunteers were hard at work at the Green Street Park in Waterville today.

“The South End of Waterville is a vibrant community that really needs outdoor spaces for families and children to participate in physical activities and experience the outdoors,” SAID Andrea Pasco, the Development Director for the Kennebec Valley Action Program.

NeighborWorks Week is a nationally recognized event where organizations across the country mobilize residents and volunteers to take part in neighborhood beautification.

“Green Street Park is an area that everyone likes to come to in the South End of Waterville and we’re presently in a revitalization project that we’re trying to some huge improvements to. We’re doing it one step at a time,” said Steve Soule, the Director of the South End Teen Center.

The Kennebec Valley Community Action Program received a grant from NeighborWorks America, and together with volunteers from the South End Neighborhood Association, Waterville Parks and Rec, and Catholic Charities of Maine, are making major improvements to the park.

“We put in a new bench and we’re planting perennials, and we’re very fortunate to have Catholic Charities of Maine helping us today for their all-day community service project,” said Soule.

“Today our group from Fairfield is here repainting the South End playground. It’s all about having a place where kids can go and they can have fun and be safe and enjoy themselves in a place where their families can come and feel welcomed,” said Ricia Sawtelle, the Children Services Coordinator with Catholic Charities of Maine.

The six hour long process includes painting the swing set and jungle gym, as well as removing graffiti and repainting parts of the skate park.

“To have individuals come down here and the parks and recreation and the volunteers we have back here, everybody was great. They jumped on board. They want families to come back and be more involved with being outside with their children,” said Monica Grady, the Director of KV CAP.

Folks in the Waterville area, young and old, are encouraged to take advantage of the work done by neighbors helping neighbors.