Group Announces New Campaign to Close Background Check Loophole 

A group dedicated to responsible gun ownership announced a new campaign to close a loophole in background check laws Saturday.

Mainers for Responsible Gun Ownership were in Bangor.

The group says they are campaigning to pass a ballot measure that will make all gun sales require a background check.

The group is made up of gun owners, law enforcement officials and many others.

Current laws say that background checks are only required from licensed dealers but not from private sales.

“In a time where people are so polarized politically, this is one issue that seems to have broad bipartisan support. We’ve got Republicans working on this. We’ve got Democrats working on this. We’ve got unenrolled voters working on this. We got rural Mainers, urban Mainers, gun owners, non gun owners,” says Bobby Reynolds, the Deputy Campaign Manager for Mainers for Responsible Gun Ownership.

Mainers for Responsible Gun Ownership says they will hold events across the state throughout the next week and will canvas in different neighborhoods.

Opponents argue the effort infringes on Mainers’ constitutional rights and enforcement would be nearly impossible.