Dogs Go Head to Head in Agility Course Competition 

Local dogs went paw to paw in a competition in Skowhegan this weekend.


The Eastern Maine Agility Club Dog Trials wrapped up Sunday at the fairgrounds in Skowhegan.

“It’s a huge confidence builder for dogs, and especially young dogs coming up. It’s great,” says Diane Wheeler, the President of the Eastern Maine Agility Club (EMAC).

The three-day event is open to any dogs 15 months and older–and their owners.

The course consists of jumps, tunnels, and obstacles.

“If you have a dog that’s a little bit fearful, they can learn so much confidence just from getting on things and doing stuff together,” says Lisa Howard, a chairperson of the EMAC May Trial.

Organizers say it’s a great opportunity for owners to bond with their dogs.

“We want people to have fun with their dogs. we want people to enjoy their dogs. It’s not about the ribbon, it’s not about the title. It’s about enjoying your dog while you have them and making every second with them count,” says Wheeler.

“What I like is when the dog goes home with you at the end of the day they are more attentive to you, you’re able to have a better bonding situation, because a lot of dogs don’t get that in their family life. Ours is like our children really,” says Robert Hupper, a trainer and contestant.

They’re trying to get younger dog lovers involved in the months and years to come.

“It’s great for kids too. We have a youth club that we’re starting that we’re trying to get more kids involved in,” says Wheeler.
“I suggest that anybody that has a dog, dogs need something to do. this is one venue to check out, and they have them all across the state,” says Hupper.