Cold Stream Forest Conservation Saves 8,000 Acres of Land 

Senator Susan Collins joined Congressman Bruce Poliquin in celebrating the conservation of the Cold Stream Forest. Members from the Sportsman Alliance of Maine, the Trust for Public Land, and Maine Inland Fisheries also took part.

5.5 million dollars in federal Forest Legacy Funds were used to buy the property.The more than 8,000 acre piece of land in Maine’s North Woods is now part of the Maine Public Reserve Land System and is open for public use. It provides access for hunting, fishing, hiking, and snowmobiling.

We’re told the project provides crucial support for the brook trout population of the Kennebec and Dead rivers.

“The fact is the people of Maine have always been faithful stewards of our environment because we understand its tremendous value to our heritage, our future, our way of life,” said Senator Collins.

The property will be managed by the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands. And it will continue to be managed for timber to support the local timber economy.