UMaine Hosts Power Dialog on the Future of Maine Energy 

Dozens of students met with state officials on the UMaine campus Wednesday for a Power Dialog on Maine’s energy future.

These climate policy talks are happening all across the country this week.

Governor LePage opened the discussion, saying he had a different perspective to bring to the table.

A¬†panel made up of mostly people supporting Maine’s solar industry took questions from students.

The president of Unity College says today is not about debating the issue or lobbying for what’s in the legislature, it’s about education.

“Our students deserve to know everything that is available to them because, only then, through a very, very – I will call – objective lens, can they make an informed choice how they go back to their community and create an energy source and/or how to manage energy affordable, responsibly, and ethically,” said Melik Khoury, the Unity College President.

“I love solar and wind if it’s cost-effective; if it will not cause you hardship. But the unfortunate thing right now, is long-term of wind and solar needs more research and development,” said Governor LePage.

A solar bill will be up in¬†Augusta in the next couple of weeks that we’re told will decide the fate of the industry.