Donald Trump Rallies Supporters in Portland 

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke at a rally in Portland Thursday.

Governor LePage introduced him saying, “Donald Trump is a little bit like I am, but he says what needs to be said.”

LePage praised Trump for being unafraid of lobbyists, special interests and the liberal media.

Thousands of supporters waited in line to see Trump speak at the Westin Hotel..

Trump discussed trade, immigration, and his tax returns.

He also responded to attacks from the 2012 Republican nominee for President, Mitt Romney.

And, Trump addressed Maine’s drug problem, “Every single time I went to New Hampshire whenever I met with people. They’d always say number one problem, number one problem heroin. Number one problem. And I’d say how is that possible? You look at these beautiful fields, the beautiful little roads, and everything is so beautiful and it was the number one problem and it comes from our southern border and we’re going to close up that border and we’re going to build a wall and we’re going to stop the drugs from coming in. Believe me.”

A handful of hecklers were kicked out during the rally. We’re told about 100 people protested Trump’s visit.

Friday, another Republican presidential candidate will be in Maine.

Senator Ted Cruz is scheduled to hold a rally on the University of Maine campus.