Wind Power Supporters Release Report 

Energy created by wind power is a hot topic right now in Maine – over the last decade, it’s increased exponentially.

The Environment Maine Research & Policy Center released a report in Bangor Thursday.

The analysis says wind power has already significantly reduced global warming pollution.

According to the report, wind power now supplies enough energy to power 100,000 homes in Maine.

But, officials say they’ll need policies to provide the support they need for this clean energy resource.

Several key leaders and politicians, and one devoted 12-year-old, spoke at today’s event.

“People need to know that the world in, like maybe a few centuries, is not gonna look like it does now. It’s not gonna be as beautiful. They need to be informed that this is not just a minor issue that we can take care of. We’re running out of time and we don’t have like this big amount of time to fix this problem. This is a different problem,” said 12-year-old Bangor resident Wells Mundell-Wood.

“Global warming is no longer a distant threat. It’s become something that’s a clear and present danger to our communities here in Maine. We’ve seen impacts on the coast, we’re seeing more incidents with extreme weather, and the increase in those numbers with extreme weather event have been directly linked from scientists to climate change,” said campaign organizer for Environment Maine, Laura Dorle.

Wind power supporters are waiting to hear what will come out of meetings among world leaders in Paris over climate change.