Good Sport: Dyjak Makes Orono Soccer More Than Just a Sport 

ORONO (WABI TV5/CW) The Orono High School girls soccer program is a contender for a state title again.

Consistency at the school is not a surprise… They’ve had the same coach for the last 33 years….

I truly appreciate the game for what it is it is a beautiful game but I think ultimately it’s being around the people that makes you what you are, being around the people that you are either teaching or learning with family with and for me I have been truly lucky because I have been around great people and the game of soccer at the same time.

Cid Dyjak is originally a Massachusetts guy that played soccer at UMaine Presque Isle.  He coach the GSA boys a few years and then stopped….. until the Orono job came open in 1982.

Passion burns deep it burns deep for people and when you re-find your passion it’s even better.
You come in there with so much more energy so much more life because you say I love this I know I love this and that’s why.
The fact is, that he also has a passion for his teaching at the Alton and Bradley schools.  Maddox king can now do a pushup.

He put us on the wall and he put our feet up against it and then he made us he had a partner hold our belly so you wouldn’t put it down on the ground.
Isn’t in it for the glory he’s in it for life-long lessons the lifelong lessons for the kids and the value of being a part of it and the value of being part of a team and of being healthy and active and involved.

He teaches youth to move and think and imagine.

Yeah, he definitely since freshman year has motivated me to be a better player work hard and work hard always.

Before coming into high school soccer was kind of a back burner sport but now my senior year it’s definitely one of my favorite sports.

Last week Dyjak was honored for earning career win number 300.  His passion for the sport has been passed to the players… and he has received just as much in return.
Probably more, probably more because I have gotten such immediate gratification and feedback and all those things you’re feeling welcome warm it’s really a cool thing.

The standout player, the coach, the reserve midfielder …. They are equal in importance.

Tried to be as free of ego as I can I think the ego gets you into battles that you shouldn’t battle.

You are not going to hear him scream on the sidelines he does his coaching in practice and he really puts it into the kids hands once the game starts.

The kids are an extension their coach…. An amazing coach who just wants to pass along his love of the game.

Thank you I have been lucky to be absolutely fortunate to be part of it.
I don’t like sports but I like it hanging out it’s fun when he’s around.

Our soccer team and our soccer program that we have built adds to our community and demonstrates what a positive and lively community that we have.