Old Town Celebrates World Teachers Day 

Teachers were celebrated in Old Town Monday.

It was in recognition of World Teachers’ Day.

Joy Hollowell was there when educators received the red carpet treatment.
Students and teachers at Old Town Elementary School had no idea why they were being called to a special assembly Monday.

Then, Principal Gina Tuell announced to everyone, “Today is World Teachers Day, let’s hear it for them.”

The crowd of students clapped loudly with approval.

Usually it’s teachers cheering on their students, but this day was all about them.

“This was a total surprise,” says kindergarten teacher Michelle Reesman. “We had no idea of it and it was just a wonderful surprise.”

“Let’s hear it for 2nd grade teachers,” says Tuell to the crowd of students, as they high five their teachers walking up the center aisle in the school’s hallway.

Mary Keane is a second grade instructor at Old Town Elementary School. She’s been teaching for 26 years.

“To have over 200 children line up and honor their teachers like that, if that doesn’t tell you that your job is the best then nothing does,” Keane says with a smile.

“You’re the best, Happy World Teachers Day,” Tuell tells the teachers as they come up to accept flowers.

Five-year old Logan loves math. He also loves his teachers at Old Town Elementary School.

“They are very nice and they let us learn,” says Logan.

“It’s very important to remember that every day these people work so hard for just you,” Tuell tells the kindergarten, first and second grade students.

Educators in grades 3 through 5 were surprised and thanked as well, with homemade cookies and coffee delivered to their classrooms.

This day, says Tuell, is for the dedication these teachers give students each and every day.

“Just seeing the students’ faces every morning looking up at you like you’re the best thing in the world,” answers Reesman when asked about the most rewarding parts of her job.

We love our teachers, we love our teachers, we love our teachers, the students chant at the end of the ceremony.


According to Oxford Magazine, World Teachers’ Day was established in 1994 by UNESCO; the events and activities are organized in more than 100 countries.