Ask An Officer: Baileyville PD Part 1 

In September, we began a new segment called “Ask An Officer.”

Twice a month TV5 will visit local police stations around the state and ask officers questions submitted by you—our viewers.

Their answers will air every other Thursday during our 5pm newscast.

Tonight your questions were answered by Baileyville’s finest.

  1. What is one of the proudest moments of your career?“The day I became Chief here. When I was five I knew what I wanted to be. On that counter over there is a picture of my dad as the Chief here and I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to be the Chief in the same town as my dad was with the people that watched you grow up was quite a feeling,” said Chief Bob Fitzsimmons.

    “Promotion to corporal was quite rewarding that the town and the Chief instilled the trust in me to do the job,” said Cpl. Andrew Seavey.

    “I happen to like the impaired driving aspect of the job, I like to enforce that. It’s a personal thing for me. So when I got my Drug Recognition Expert Certification that was pretty proud for me. Any case involving an impaired driver is pretty important to me. Getting them off the road,” said Patrol Officer Josh Engroff.

    “I couldn’t do what I do without those guys, so I’m very proud of them,” said Chief Fitzsimmons.

  2. Do you have any advice for kids that want to follow in your footsteps?“Be very cognizant of who you are hanging around because even if you’re a good kid, if you’re hanging around the wrong group eventually you know you’re going to get caught up in bad things,” said Cpl. Seavey.

    “Think about the decisions that you make today because they are going to effect you forever,” said Officer Engroff.

    “Remember that every decision you make today will effect all your tomorrows and I tell these kids that all the time. If you make a mistake that’s one thing, but let’s get it corrected so it doesn’t continue to grow and it effects you down the road when you want to make a career choice. 300 and something kids that I consider mine that I have here in these two schools and it’s paying dividends being in there with those kids and we’ll see it down the road as they get older,” said Chief Fitzsimmons.

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