Ellsworth Woman with MS Swims for the First Time in Almost Two Decades 

Pat Horton can’t move from the waist down.

MS is to blame.

But on this perfect summer day, she experienced something she hasn’t been able to do for years: swim.

“So Pat and I were having a conversation and we were randomly just talking about summertime and fun things and she mentioned that she hadn’t been swimming in almost two decades and I thought we’ve got to make this happen,” said Sara Sherwood, Executive Director of¬†Seaport Village Healthcare where Horton lives.

Monday they took her to Camp Capella, where she could swim in Phillips Lake.

“Isn’t this what Camp Capella is about? This is what we do. We make memories for people who just wouldn’t normally have this kind of opportunity. It’s the kind of thing we take for granted every day,” said Camp Capella Executive Director Dana Mosher.

“I love the water. So I’m going to enjoy it,” said Horton.

She’s been looking forward to this day for some time.

“Oh it’s beautiful. I kept worrying about the weather because they kept saying thunderstorms possible,” said Horton.

So with the help of the folks at County Ambulance, Camp Capella, and Seaport Village Healthcare, she felt lake water against her skin once again.

“Lovely. Couldn’t be better. I love this movement. It’s just great. I’m not going to tell nobody about it,” she said as she floated around.

“It’s your secret?,” asked TV5’s Caitlin Burchill.

“I’m going to come back again,” said Horton

And just when she thought things couldn’t get any better, she was surprised with a trip on a boat.

“It’s everything. There’s so many things around here. The water has felt so good on my legs and my back,” she said crying tears of joy.