Kids at Camp CaPella go Under The Sea 

The Camp CaPella experience means playing outside, getting out on the lake, but also exploring under the sea..

“They’re all animals, they live in the water,” explains 10-year-old camper Deshawn Averill.

With Maine EPSCoR and the University of Maine, These campers are getting the chance to not only see, but feel some underwater critters like mussels, starfish, and a horseshoe crab.

“It’s a very unique creature, it’s very interesting to me,” says 14-year-old camper Dylan Williamson. “They have shells for heads. It’s something that very concerned me as a kid because I didn’t know whether or not it was a head or a shell.”

“It feels weird when you touch one,” Averill says “It feels like when you touch that it feels weird.”

Plus, the sassy scallop.

“We have a scallop when you take it out of the water it tends to spit and the kids love that,” says Jenn Dunham, student outreach assistant with Maine EPSCoR.

“They’re eyes just get so big and they’re like oh my god, a scallop,” says Samantha Bedore, Wild Adventures leader at Camp CaPella.¬†“Look what it does when it opens and closes and it’s fun that they can see it, that they can see all little eyes on scallop and they get so excited they can touch and feel and see all these things instead of just reading it in a book.”

And the kids are having so much fun, they forget they’re learning when school’s out.

“It’s really fun when you look at animals cause you’re discovering nature.”

“It definitely adds a lot to it because I’ve been having a blast here at Camp CaPella and the wildlife exploration has been completely phenomenal I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

“Watching he kids reaction and watching them learn even from¬†Monday to Friday and how much they grow, how excited they get. That’s my favorite part.”