Father of Parkman Murder Victim Speaks Out About Finding Robert Burton 


Robert Burton has been on the loose for nearly 50 days.

That’s nearly 50 days without justice for Stephanie Ginn Gebo.

“They’re doing everything that they can,” explains Vance Ginn, Stephanie’s father. “It’s a large area of woods. And this young man knows it like the back of his hand.

“I want this man apprehended and the only way we’re going to do it is with the full help from everybody in the community.”

Ginn believes someone is helping Burton hide.

“He seems awfully well kept,” Ginn surmises. “He’s not dirty. He’s not cut up. His clothes seem fairly clean. His hair doesn’t seem long enough for the time that’s been out there.”

And he implores anyone who’s helping Burton to come forward.

“If you’re willing in your life, to lose everything that you have, then continue to help this man. If you want to do the right thing, stop helping him. Send him out to us. ”

Ginn notes consequences like jail time and significant fines for anyone helping Burton hide, although he’s not sure who could be aiding him.

He also says this manhunt is also just as much about Burton as it is about his daughter.

“She was always willing to help people and she always thought that someone deserved a second chance, you know, well, not everyone, does. This man didn’t deserve a second chance.”

Ginn has this message for Burton himself:

“Stop being a coward, do what needs to be done, stop putting your mother and your little buddy grandmother through all this agony and pain. Do the right thing. And I’m reminding someone who’s helping him what you could be losing. Everything in your life.”

Anyone with information about Burton’s whereabouts is asked to contact State Police.