Blue Hill Pottery Store Searching for New Home 

Rowantrees Pottery in Blue Hill closed its doors in 2008 after 80 years in operation. Now, the tradition has been passed on to a new owner.

“I had worked for Rowantrees from 1982 through 1990 so I had been trained and I knew how to make all the different forms and I had an appreciation for the history,” said Geoffrey Miller, local potter. “So we started talking and the most feasible solution would be for me to start my own business and make reproductions”.

Miller is no stranger to the craft of pottery. He was a former potter for Rowantrees Pottery and has even made a collection that is on display in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.

“It’s the first thing I did in the real world that I felt happy doing,” said Miller. “I’ve always wanted to be a potter since I was a very young child watching Sesame Street. The first time I watched someone make a piece of pottery and watched the clay grow magically in their hands I knew I wanted to do that”.

The original property was put up for sale. Miller now has to find another location for his re-branded pottery business, Lowell Hill Pottery.

His goal is to restore the cultural institution that Rowantrees established through his new venture.

“It would mean that I am carrying on a very old tradition in a very honorable craft,” said Miller. “It would mean I could go back to expressing my artistic side and doing something that people could take away from me and that would be a part of their lives for a very long time”.

Miller hopes his crowdfunding campaign will raise enough funds to get his business started…

For more information, visit his website here.