Old School Schooner Draws in Tourists 

Is it 2015 or 1896?

“Goes back to the old days you know the way it used to be, with lobster fishing use this sailboats,” explains Steve Dugay.

He’s talking about this old-school sailing schooner – the Bailey Louise Todd, named after the captain’s granddaughter.

“I like traditional working sail vessels and I’ve been doing this for quite a while,” explains Captain Steven Pagles.

“A lot of people sail on it year after year, bring the grandkids, it’s tradition here.”

For some visitors, a ride on the Bailey Louise means knocking an item off the bucket list.

“I haven’t been on a sailboat for decades and it’s just a wonderful experience,” explains Barbara Luther, visiting with her sister Carol O’Brien from out of state.

Folks come aboard to get out on the water but what really draws people in is the dated architecture, right down to the Maine woods.

“To me that adds to it rather than being out on a new boat, seeing the working of the sails and the two crew members they look so slim but they are strong.”

“She’s got the wooden deck, when you’re walking on it you’re walking on history she had those tan bark sales, which make her quite unique, you can see her on the mountain just the way you could the Todd, she’s an eye catcher.”

“Not only do you get the experience of being on the water with an original working sail vessel or sail vessel type that worked on the Maine coast but you get the quiet experience of a sailing trip.”

The Bailey Louise Todd is part of Downeast Windjammer Cruises – click here for more information.