Corinth Student Who Decorated Graduation Cap to Honor Late Friend Leaves Ceremony When Asked to Remove Decorations 

A senior at Central High School in Corinth chose not to walk in her graduation ceremony after school administrators said she could not wear a cap decorated in memory of a classmate who died.

Natasha Miller says she wanted to honor the memory of Sam Alexander, a friend who lost his battle with cancer in 2011.

Students were told last week they could not decorate graduation caps.

When Natasha arrived at the ceremony with a decorated cap Sunday, she was asked to remove the decorations but chose not to.

Instead, she left and was handed her diploma.

“I think the expectations were clearly stated will in advance. I don’t think we were asking students to comply with anything that was unreasonable,” said RSU 64 Superintendent Rhonda Sperrey.

“I wish I would have been able to march with my class but I would much rather have what I did. What I did was the right thing. I felt in my heart so I just decided to take my cap and leave,” said Miller.

The superintendent says Sam Alexander’s memory was honored with photos in the school yearbook and at a ceremony earlier in the year.