Penquis Volunteers Make Commute to Healthcare Appointments Easier 

“It’s not something you want to deal with.”

Leslie Salisbury of Charleston was diagnosed with prostate cancer this past winter. For the next two months, he has to go to Brewer for treatment, five days a week.

“I’ll be cured, it’s cancer, but it’s not a major thing, but the doctor says it’s treatable.”

This is Salisbury’s second time facing cancer – he’s determined to beat it with a little bit of help.

“I help transport people to their appointments.”

Linda Herbest is a volunteer driver for Penquis – she’ll be giving Leslie rides to and from treatment.

“It’s a 60 mile round trip and five days a week for two months,” Salisbury explains. “That’s 2400 miles, so it helps.”

“Maine is quite a sprawled out rural area where it’s a lot of miles to get to places,” Herbest adds.

Herbest is one of hundreds of volunteer drivers in the area – but she says there’s always a need for more.

“If more people would give of their time, it would make things a lot better for everyone including themselves because it’s not only what you’re giving, you’re getting back ten fold.”

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