UPDATE: Raccoon Blamed for Partial Power Outage at UMaine Campus 

A little after 3 a.m. Monday, crews were called to the University of Maine is Orono because the power was flickering on campus.

It wasn’t a full outage, officials called it a brown out.

Parts of the campus didn’t have power.

Once the crews got there, work began to determine what was the cause, and then they discovered the reason.

“There was a raccoon that had gotten in the transformer, got up in the bushing and blown out one of the fuses, at which point we called Emera to notify them that we had a power problem on campus,” says Steve Moody, Electrical Manager for the UMaine Electrical Department. “And they called their guys in to take care of the raccoon and to put a new fuse on the transformer.”

The power was restored to all of campus around 6 a.m.

Now crews are checking to see if there is any damage done to any of the equipment because of the outage.