“Lyme Disease Challenge” Looks to Raise Awareness 

Last year we met Holly and Scott Lounder.

They’ve been suffering from chronic Lyme disease, and undergoing long-term treatment.

“I’m not done treatment yet, but I’m getting very close to the end,” said Scott.
“I think I’m halfway done my treatment. My body works again, which is great,” said Holly.

Daughter Chelsea, who also has Lyme, is a bit further behind.

“Recently I have stopped attending school and I have an in-home tutor. I mean it kind of sucks because I don’t have much of a social life anymore,” said Chelsea.

Lyme has also taken a financial toll.

“We had to move. We had to downsize, and our medical bills are still astronomical and we have to pay for them,” said Scott.

But the Lounders are hopeful that progress is being made.

A bill is currently in committee in Augusta would protect Maine doctors who prescribe longer courses of treatment.

And the Lyme Disease Challenge is gaining traction on social media.

Similar to last summer’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the Lyme challenge asks people to state a fact about Lyme disease, donate $10 to raise Lyme awareness, and pucker up as they take a bite out of a lime.

“I know William Shatner has done it. Debbie Gibson, who has Lyme, has done it, along with many other celebrities,” said Holly.

Chelsea and I took the Lyme disease challenge together.

I’d like to thank the Lounders as well as my friend and colleague Caitlin Burchill for nominating me.

I nominate Adrienne DiPiazza and Jessica Conley for the challenge! Good luck!

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