Vietnam Vets Honored at Bangor 50th Anniversary Ceremony 

Maine’s Vietnam Veterans were honored at a special ceremony in Bangor today.

This year marks half a century since the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which escalated U-S involvement in Vietnam.

The event was held at the Cole Land Transportation Museum, paying tribute to the 46-thousand Vietnam vets who live in Maine.

Governor LePage was on hand for the event. He says it’s worthwhile to welcome home these brave servicemembers, even if it’s 50 years late.

“These men were just asked to go to a foreign land and protect our freedoms. And they weren’t treated with respect when they returned home. Now it’s time to acknowledge it,” said LePage.

“For the Vietnam veterans we got blamed for the war, and it really wasn’t our fault. We just did our job to serve, and it’s an opportunity to say thank you to those guys and finally get to them and welcome them home,” said Peter Ogden, Director of the Bureau of Maine Veterans Services.

This is just the first of a number of Vietnam-related events that will be held in Maine through 2025, the 50th anniversary of the end of the war.