Newport Students to Present at Google Event 

Some tech savvy students in Newport are preparing to share their knowledge with hundreds of students and educators in Canada.

“Hello. Welcome to the Tech Sherpa show, episode number 54,” said Zachary Mitchell, a sophomore at Nokomis High School, as he looked into a webcam, along another student.

For two years, broadcasting students at Nokomis High School have offered their computer insight online.

“We get questions from educators around the world,” said broadcast teacher Kern Kelley.

“The Tech Sherpas are a group of students within the broadcasting program a Nokomis that can be called upon by any teacher should they have any sort of technical difficulties,” said Matt Riley, a Senior at Nokomis.

The weekly, student produced, web-series is getting some international recognition. Later this week, 4 “student-sherpas” will attend the Google for Education Summit in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

“We are going to be presenting about how we do Tech Superpas and how it helps us and helps teachers all around the world,” said Riley.

“I am looking forward to it. I think it is going to be a lot of fun, being able to help a whole lot more people at a time than on the show when you have 15 minutes,” said Mitchell.

Their teacher, Kern Kelley, is making the trip too. His ambitious project is focused not only on strengthening student’s computer literacy, but building connections off-line as well.

“We’re giving them the other skills that they can’t get otherwise. You can’t mimic public speaking unless you do it,” said Kelley.

You can watch new episodes of the Tech Sherpas every Tuesday here.