VIDEO: Corinna Pit Bulls Attack Neighbor Dog 

Corinna Caron says she wasn’t home Friday night when security cameras captured five pit bulls mauling her basset hound, Elvis.

“When we got here, they had Elvis in the garage. His ears were bleeding, his neck was bleeding,” Caron said Monday.

Neighbors across the street and next door came running when they heard the commotion. One of the pit bulls was shot and killed.

“If they hadn’t been here, we wouldn’t have Elvis. There’s no doubt in my mind that Elvis wouldn’t have survived that attack,” she said.

It’s not Elvis’ first encounter with the dogs. We’re told they’ve gone after other animals and even chased children.

“When you have to teach your kids what do you do, you roll into a ball and cover your neck if a dog comes after you, that’s no way to live.”

Nearly everyone along this street hasĀ been dealing with the problem for years. Neighbors wouldn’t speak on camera to TV5 because they say they fear retaliation.

The town manager says the problem has gone on too long.

“My main concern is that we are legally doing every thing that we can do as a town,” says Serena Bemis-Goodall.

She and the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office have contacted the District Attorney and the case is under investigation.

“I want to get this taken care of so the neighborhood can be peaceful again,” Bemis-Goodall said.

The owner of the home where the dogs are located would not comment. We’re told at least three of the pit bulls involved in the attack are in the hands of authorities.

“New animal control officer, new town manager, and video proof we are going to hopefully get this accomplished and settled,” says Caron.