RSU #19 Home-bound Students May Join Classroom 

A Nokomis Regional High School Senior is working on an extraordinary project.

He hopes to virtually bring home-bound students through classroom doors for the first time.

Jake McEwen decided to dedicate his senior project to home-bound students, like Jasmine Fatmi, an eight grader at Sebasticook Valley Middle School in Newport.

He hopes to give them the chance to experience the school day with friends, which they’ve never had before.

“There are some students in our district who really can’t come to school, so that gave me the idea, well why don’t we do something for them? I have to do my senior project. Why not do something for the community?” says Jake McEwen.

It’s done through a $2500 double robotic system. It can be operated from home, through an Ipad.

“With the donations, I’ll be able to get a double robotic system to help her move around from classroom to classroom, Ipad’s, wireless hotspots, thing that can help her get out of her house.”

An idea, teacher Kern Kelley fully supported.

“I’ve worked with some of the students before in years past, so I knew that they were in need,” says Kern Kelley.

Jake, with the support of Kelley, took his project to the Sebasticook Valley Middle School eighth grade class.

“It’s real neat to be able to join the eighth-graders here at Sebasticook with that, so it’s not just coming from the high school. It’s really the whole district that will benefit from it,” says Kelley.

The project will give home-bound students another outlook, outside of their homes’ four walls, being a part of the community and essentially learning beside their peers.

Jake says the project is well on its way to opening doors.

“Any student who comes to the district now, they don’t just have to be home-schooled now, they’ll actually be able to go to class with their friends,” says McEwen.

Jake has started a Go-Fund-Me account, which can be accessed directly by going to

All donations will go toward Jasmine’s machine and the other students on the list for this project.