Husson University Welcomes New Students 

The new school year officially kicked off at Husson University in Bangor Sunday, with Welcome Day for freshman.

Students from all over Maine and the country descended on Husson’s campus to officially begin college life.

“I’ve always wanted to go to Husson,” said Savannah Freund. “I heard it had an awesome nursing program,” said Stephanie Gates.

“I heard it had a great business program–I want to do something in business in my life–and I heard their football team was really good, I’m playing here,” said Jonathan Saban, a freshman from Augusta.

Hundreds of freshmen-and their parents carried boxes, furniture and belongings into dorms.

Slowly things began to come together.

RA’s were on hand showing students the way, and getting everyone settled–as well as providing a little moral support.

“Mostly on the side of the parents because it’s like empty nest. But helping the students get acquainted, because it’sx the first time away from home, getting used to that,” said RA Brandon Curry.

For parents, it’s a bittersweet day.

“She’s my baby, my first. So it’s hard. But i’m very proud of her,” said parent LeeAnn Farley.

“It’s exciting and emotional at the same time, cause we’re from New Jersey and we’re dropping our son off eight hours away, and we know he’s happy and excited to so a mixed feeling of emotions today,” said parent Ann Grabkowski.

“SHe hasn’t started crying yet. She will though,” said her husband Jody Grabkowski.

In all about 700 freshmen moved in to dorms just like this one, and now that they’re all moved in it’s off to class. The Husson Experience is a special course geared at helping students acclimate to college life.

Students spent the afternoon learning about the campus, academic requirements and what to expect from this new chapter of their lives.

Wrapping up day one of a new adventure and looking forward to a future filled with possibility.

“I’m really excited. Little bit nervous but mostly excited,” said Logan Vashon of Winslow.

“To have a great time and make lots of new friends and to succeed,” said Freund.