Hampden Business Holds Veterans’ Home Fundraiser 

A Hampden business played host to a fundraiser for a great cause Sunday.

“Nana’s This and That shop” held an event to raise money for the Veterans’ Home in Bangor.

The shop sells artwork from some forty crafters, and 10% of the proceeds went straight to the veterans home.

In addition the Darling’s “ice cream for a cause” truck was parked outside, also collecting donations.

And there were a number of residents of the home on hand to welcome people as they passed through.

The store’s owner says it’s all about giving back to those who have given our country so much.

“We had a number of people stop in after church today. They knew we had the truck and the event. But they still wanted to come in and give. We sold a number of beautiful items. But they wanted to help, say way I do. It’s a chance to give back to the guys and girls who did so much for us, do so much for us,” said store owner Diane Woods.

Organizers say they hoped to raise more than 500-dollars.