Busiest Season for Bangor Craft Fair Soon To Come 

There was a lot of talent showcased at the Airport mall in Bangor today.

Once a month crafters get together and sell their work.

The fair offers more than twenty vendors – crafts ranging from wood work to dolls and crocheted items.

Despite business slowing at the mall over the years, this craft fair continues to grow with the busiest season yet to come.

“We experience the best time of year right around Christmas because we have a lot of people coming in looking for crafts as presents and gifts for people because once you actually bought that $29 dollar DVD player at Walmart what do you get that actually says ‘I thought of you?,” says Dale Goodwin, the fair’s promoter.  “And a lot of that you can get at art and crafts show because it’s personally made, people put a lot of love and a lot of hard work into it so they make great gifts.”

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