Brewer Motor Inn Fire 

Investigators are trying to determine a cause of a fire at the Brewer Motor Inn Friday.

Until they determine otherwise, they are treating the fire as suspicious.

The first call came in around 12-30 a.m.

Police crews were the first to respond and they used fire extinguishers until the Fire Department arrived.

They did get the flames doused, but there was damage to the building.

If not for the safety systems in place, authorities say this could have been a much worse situation.

“The only injury that I’ve been told about right now is somebody touched a hot doorknob and sustained a mild burn to their hand,” says Lt. Chris Martin with the Brewer Police Department. “Other than that there were no injuries that have been reported. I think people were able to safely evacuate out. The fire suppression and early warning systems in this building did their job, and fortunately people are okay.”

No word on how much damage was done to the building or how long the investigation will take.