Emera Employees Say Thanks to Helen’s 

A gravel outline is all that’s left of Helen’s Restaurant in Machias. It burned down last month and since then, the support hasn’t stopped from people near and far.

“We’re definitely very blessed and just feel the love and support from Emera,” says Co-Owner Julie Barker.

A $2500 donation from the employees of Emera Maine topped off by the company, is really a thank-you.

“Helens is really one of the cornerstone businesses that come together in times of really sometimes crises like that when storms hit in the winter time to kind of all pitch in and help our crews restore the power,” says Gerry Chasse, President and CEO of Emera Maine.

Owners David and Julie Barker say using their restaurant to help out in a time of need gives them joy.

“We always love to see the same faces coming through and even though they’re working really hard, it’s always exciting to see some of them that we don’t see throughout the year cause they live in different parts or the state,” Barker said.

The donation will help the owners turn theĀ gravel pad into the new and improved Helen’s, one they say will be much more efficient.

“It was very expensive to run, our Emera bill is always very nice,” says Barker.

A more easily heated Helen’s is something the Barkers are excited about.

“To be able to run it efficiently, and do what we do and do it well,” she said.