Electric Bike Proves to Be Asset to Belfast P.D. 

The Belfast Police Department is welcoming a new patrol vehicle to its fleet-one with two wheels.

The department recently bought an electric bike to help them get to some of the harder-to-reach spots in town.

Between the city’s labyrinth of hilly streets and the Harbor Walk, which is inaccessible by car, officers say the bike has been a huge benefit to the patrol division.

It has a battery and an electric motor, and can be controlled to provide varying amounts of power depending on how steep a hill is.

Officers say feedback from the citizenry has been positive.

True, I can’t get to five or ten miles out like a car can that quickly, but now to have people walking midnight, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning with their family, their kids, their spouses, their dogs, up and down that harbor walk and they see me and they’ve actually told me wow, do I feel safe now. So yeah, it’s been a great additive to the Belfast Police Department,” said Patrol Officer Jim Bergdoll.

Officers say so far they’ve used the bike to respond to complaints and traffic accidents.