Bangor Families Discuss Sudden Daycare Closure 

More than 100 families in the Bangor area are scrambling to find childcare.

Leaders of the Grace Church announced earlier this week that the congregation, its food pantry, and the Life Academy Daycare, are closing.

Parents were invited to a private info session Thursday.

The Church’s minister tells us the move was caused, in part, by declining donations and membership at the parish.

He says the board of directions is deciding their next step and is considering bankruptcy.

Staffers say they’re working alongside them to form a new daycare center as quickly as possible.

Russ Hewett, the church minister, said, “If there were any other way forward that we could keep it operating we would have done that.”

One parent, William Hutchins, said, “In a moral aspect, you just don’t close a daycare in three weeks. I don’t care who you are.”

“I’ve had a couple of job offers and I’ve ended up turning them down because I don’t want to leave,” said Audrey Hughes, a 5-year veteran childcare provider at the center.

Heather Collins, the center’s director is hopeful that parents will be able to come together and form a new child-care facility. “For those children that are affected by this, I am very happy with the outcome of tonight’s meeting,” said Collins.

Other daycares in the area say they’ve been flooded requests this week.

Life Academy is due to shut its doors in mid-September but parents are asking for more time.