AG Angry About No Pay Increase For Assistants, LePage Responds 

TV5 spoke to Attorney General Janet Mills Friday.

Mills addressed concerns she has about the Governor’s delay in signing off on a pay hike for assistant attorneys general.

The state budget called for a four percent raise.

Mills says the Governor still hasn’t authorized it.

She says they also haven’t received a one percent raise that all state workers were supposed to get starting July 1st.

She questions if it’s because the Governor has an issue with her for political reasons.

“Why are you taking it out on them? That makes no sense to me. This is public safety. My salary is not involved in this at all. It doesn’t affect me. It affects the people in our office who are working very hard in the trenches, working day and night to protect the public’s safety. Health care fraud, welfare fraud, tax fraud, homicide, domestic violence, sexual abuse, child protection. All those things. They ┬ádeserve a break. They deserve a cost of living increase at least as much as these 57 political appointees deserve a penny,” said Mills.

Mill’s says LePage’s political appointments have received these raises.

LePage’s Administration sent us this response:

“Governor LePage is concerned about how the Attorney General is managing her budget. She failed to meet the legislatively mandated 6% attrition rate, and she overspent funding in her personal services line item by $250,000. Until the Governor has more details about how she is managing her budget, he is concerned that she is not using taxpayer money in a fiscally responsible manner.”

When we spoke to Mills, she said there is no issue with her budget, it’s in the black.