Former Pilot’s Grill Building Being Renovated, Not Torn Down 

Despite the looks of things, the old Pilot’s Grill building in Bangor is not being torn down.

Managers of the building on Outer Hammond Street say they’re just tearing down the carport and repairing the fa├žade after the harsh winter.

They have also done some remodeling, turning it into five suites, one of which is home to a new dance studio.

They’re looking for more businesses to move in.

“We’re just looking forward to filling up the space with some good local businesses, give an opportunity for those businesses to grow into a larger space, good development for the community and for the area, and take a good iconic building and make it useful again,” said Ryan Lynch, Managing Partner at Lynch Realty Group.

“We chose this spot because of its location and it does have a lot of history. Everybody we talk to has a story about coming to Pilot’s Grill, going there to eat, or for senior prom, junior prom,” said Jacquie Breedlove, one of the owners of the Bangor Area Dance Academy.

The Bangor Area Dance Academy will host an open house Monday from 4-7 pm.

Classes start up in September.

If you’re interested in leasing space, contact information is located at the building.