Ellsworth Florist Leaving “Lonely Bouquets” for Strangers 

“Lonely Bouquets” has become a worldwide phenomenon. People leaving random bouquets of flowers in public for strangers to find.

New Land Nursery in Ellsworth has been taking part for a year and a half now, making bouquets themselves, complete with a tag that says “adopt me.”

“And we randomly put it out around the community,” said New Land Nursery owner Steve Elliott.

What is it about flowers that cheer people up? “I think it’s the color. It’s something that grows, it’s new,” said floral assistant Lore Lipkvich.

Each bouquet is unique, but always bright and colorful.

Elliot let me tag along to help deliver the bouquets in Downtown Ellsworth.

“It really is about making a difference in the world in a small way,” said Elliot.

Elliot decides to place the first one right outside the Ellsworth Public Library. We wait a few minutes, and sure enough, someone picks it up.

“We try to leave it in a busy location, I mean a location where there’s going to be significant traffic passing by it,” said Elliot.

Next stop – the Ellsworth Post office, and now it’s my turn.

We wait, and wait.

“In my observation you will notice that many people will pass it and glance at it, many more people will stop it and read it, and only a few–that one–will stop and actually take it under their wing and take it somewhere,” said Elliot.

After about 30 minutes, someone finally decides to take it home.

“So when you see it, don’t just walk by it. Perhaps there’s someone in your life that needs a pick-me-up today,” said Elliot.

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