Bangor’s Whistling Pig Restaurant Closed

Erica Stapleton

Updated 5 months ago

The Whistling Pig Smokehouse on Main St. in Bangor is now closed.

An update on the restaurant’s Facebook Page says “Its with a heavy heart that we have to announce The Whistling Pig will be closing its doors.”

We’ll have more information when it becomes available.

  • disqus_yyGoeZ34oS

    Guess people get tired of whistling pigs.

  • Kristina Croan

    That’s awful! I loved.that place. People just can’t get ahead here. Too bad.

    • Mike

      I’m no business expert but I think there were just too many barbecue joints in the area for all of them to survive. Moe’s has established a pretty good customer base on broadway though

    • kate gifford

      its getting harder and harder for anyone to get ahead in maine….its becoming a dying state…its a shame maine is beautiful…

  • Tony Woodworth

    and they’re not even paying their employees for the last two weeks

  • Tony Woodworth

    I know cuz I work there

  • divda12

    I swear that building is where all businesses move in and die. Talk about a bad location.

  • Ben Lam

    do not feel bad for them. The hard working employees will not be paid for their work. i havent received a check since 8/8 and was told today that they have no intent on paying any of us. Do not support Miguel’s either. The employees from The Pig have kids and bills to pay like everyone else and were all counting on getting paid for our work. Now my kid will starve and i will not make rent and meanwhile the owner of Miguel’s is getting fat and rich. the man is a crook and needs to pay his workers!!!