Man Gets 4 Years in Prison for Role in Washington Co. Pot Farm

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 months ago

A man from Mexico is going to prison for four years for his role in a major pot growing ring in Washington County.

53-year-old Moises Soto was sentenced Tuesday in federal court in Bangor.

He pleaded guilty last year to drug conspiracy and harboring illegal aliens.

Drug agents say in September of 2009, they found nearly 3,000 pot plants in Township 37, worth about $9 million.

Four men from Maine are still waiting to be sentenced in the case.

They’re accused of running the operation with help from illegal aliens.

Haynes Timber Company is also charged with managing and controlling property used to make marijuana.

Besides prison time, Soto was also ordered to serve three years of probation.

  • Bruce Sidelinger

    rippers and women beaters get county time and this man gets 4 years for a plant ,,, what was the state upset it wasn’t getting it’s cut of the money?

    • Zengei12


    • Zengei12

      what was the state upset it wasn’t getting it’s cut of the money?

      (What???? And the English translation would be?

  • Katie Wiberg

    My thoughts exactly Bruce sidelinger


    That seems like a lot of money for dope. I know one of them and he has too much money already.

  • Bboop4

    Was this dude from Arizona ? or did he do prison time in Arizona and Belfast , when the Belfast jail was still a jail and not a early release center?