Sen. Collins Sends Message to Mill Workers 

Senator Susan Collins says she’ll do what she can to help workers just laid off in Old Town. The Old Town Fuel and Fiber plant shut down this week, putting about 180 people out of work.

Company officials blame the closure on competition from overseas as well as the high cost of wood here at home.

They say they’re looking into ways to keep the place running and finding new owners.

Collins says the mill is filing for Trade Adjustment Assistance, which provides benefits and training for workers effected by foreign trade and markets.

“Once again they’ve lost these jobs through no fault of their own, all of us are going to be working hard with state and local officials to help we hope find a new buyer for the mill or new uses for the mill,” Collins said.

Collins says Old Town Fuel and Fiber was pursuing a special Department of Energy Project producing and ethanol-like substance from wood cellulose that could be used for fuel.