Mainers Opt-Out of Vaccines 

Maine has one of the highest numbers of kids going to kindergarten without all their recommended shots, at a rate of 3.9%. This increasing number raises concern for doctors.

But Dr. Jack Forbush of the Osteopathic Center says many parents are inundated with the long list of vaccines.

“A child could come in and get half a dozen vaccines at once and that’s kinda scary for a parent,” Forbush said.

According to the CDC, Maine is 9th on the list of┬áthe states with the most parents opting out of vaccines, we’re told many parents are questioning why so many vaccines are needed at such a young age.

Forbush says he often has parents questioning vaccines, some with good reason, others with misconceptions about a link to autism.

“There are certainly enough suggestive pieces of information that are very concerning to parents,” he said.

EMMC Pediatrician Dr. Michael Ross fully recommends immunizations.

“I think it’s essential, I think it’s absolutely important. Vaccinations are a real corner stone of health in terms of preventing against significant diseases,” Ross said.

And he says fewer vaccinated kids could mean a come-back for older illnesses.

“Across the nation there’s been some outbreaks of measles and in our own backyard we’ve have some pretty significant whooping cough outbreak,” he explained.

According to the CDC, in 2012 there were more than 700 cases of whooping cough in the state, the most in years– both doctors stress parent education when it comes to vaccinations.