“We The People” Says They’ll Defend Constitution

Adrienne DiPiazza

Updated 6 months ago

The members of the Constitutional Coalition of Maine have formed a new group.

Members of the group have officially created We The People of Maine, Inc with a mission to defend the constitution and the rights of the people of Maine.

The group has been involved in controversies, including being accused of suggesting some members of state government should be arrested and punished for treason.

Leaders of ┬áthe group say the legislature is not following the constitution and should be held accountable…

“We will be reading every bill, every bill, and any unconstitutional concept in the bill will generate a quick response to the supreme court so that it cannot go forward so that it cannot go to committee,” said Jack McCarthy, an incorporator of the group.

Similar groups have been formed in both Connecticut and New York.

  • Zengei12

    Give me a break….Where were they when the USAPATRIOT ACT was passed.?….Where where they went the US invaded Iraq/Afghanistan?….And how about some correct punctuation “We, The People” not “We The People.”

  • Wayne Leach

    Just briefly, I’ll state that we (or most of us) know that legislative bills have no effect until they are passed into law, not just in or out of Committee, so the “courts” will not even be approached until then, if ever. The courts are not the only means for holding officials PEACEFULLY accountable. On the punctuation issue, I don’t know exactly to whom you were speaking, Zengei12, but the Constitution of the United States of America’s Preamble, as printed in the copy I possess, has no comma after “We”, and I forgive the writer of this article, and any others who insert no comma, for that glaring error, if indeed, there is supposed to be one.