Loyal Biscuit Co. Opens 4th Store 

Loyal Biscuit Co. originally based in Rockland, could be renamed “loyal owner company”– because that’s who shops at the family owned shop.

“We don’t carry anything that I wouldn’t give to my own dogs and my own cats,” says Heidi Neal.

Heidi Neal and her husband Joel are on the verge of opening this new location of their specialty nutritional pet food store in Waterville. They’ve done what many small businesses haven’t recently– that’s grown four times it’s size since 2010. Neal says even in a recession, modern pet owners are still spending.

“Dogs and cats are now not just an animal that you have but they’re your family and people are treating them as members of their family,” Neal says.

Part of the now four store company’s success is a health food craze that’s spread from owners to their pets, and the owner’s focus on community outreach.

“We have built great relationships with our customers, we have cried with our customers when a pet passes on we’ve celebrated with them when they get new puppies and kittens,” she says.

There’s a special attention to detail in their products and their services like this self-serve dog wash.

“You’re not bent over you’re not on your knees trying to hold onto a wet dog.”

Neal admits she used to buy pet food at the grocery store… Until she started reading the labels.

She says a bit of a higher price tag pays off in the long run.

“But because you’re feeding so much less because it’s healthier that bag is going to last you a lot longer.”

Everything inside the store passes her expert test.

“My pets are my kids and I’m not going to carry anything that I wouldn’t give to them.”