Bucksport to Implement Safety Measures After Drowning Deaths

Terry Stackhouse

Updated 6 months ago

In the wake of last week’s tragic downing deaths, Bucksport leaders are taking steps to ensure safety.

Floating life rings will be placed at a dock along the Penobscot River where a boy and his grandfather lost their lives.

The 5-year-old fell into the water while fishing and his grandfather tried to save him but the current was too strong and they became separated.

Bucksport’s town manager wants to see a sign put in that will warn visitors of the dangerous current.

A plan to purchase a bin to collect donated life preservers is in the works as well.

Emergency responders say the new safety measures will help them save lives.

Police Chief Sean Geagan said, “It is totally different when somebody has a floatation device on and you are going out to rescue them rather than going on an emergency rescue where you don’t know what the outcome is going to be once you get back to shore.”

Town officials are hoping to secure a donation of life vests from Maine Maritime Academy.

  • buddyme

    Why it takes a tragedy to change human behavior? The insurance company or anyone with common sense should have realized a 6 knot current flowing up the river through Bucksport is difficult to swim and to install some safety measures BEFORE a death. There is enough money floating around in the town to get some rings and ropes and not depend on Maine Maritime. Those units should be placed out immediately and not “hoping” to receive the items.

    • Mark Breidt

      it takes a tragedy in many things to have it changed. when was the last time someone fell off the town dock? when my son was that age and we went fishing at the lake from the shore my COMMON SENSE told me to put a life jacket on him. I mean when you have LITTLE CHILDREN AROUND WATER your common sense should kick in. yes it is a tragedy and yes the grand parents should have had jackets on those children. I mean we have laws no a days that kids up to a certain age needs to wear pads & helmets while bicycling. all I am saying when you do things and there are little children involved use your noodles and think.