NJ Gov. Christie Visits Maine to Support LePage Campaign 

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was in Maine Tuesday, supporting Governor LePage’s re-election bid.

Christie is the chair of the Republican Governors Association and attended a LePage fundraiser in Dedham.

The two toured C & L Aerospace in Bangor earlier in the day.

The company repairs planes and makes equipment in their recently expanded $5,000,000 facility.

Christie says tax reform under LePage helped create a climate where the company could succeed.

“We absolutely believe that Governor LePage has a record which merits re-election,” said Governor Christie. He added, “Millions of dollars will be spent here by the RGA by the time we are done in support of Governor LePage’s campaign.”

Governor LePage said. “In the previous 8 years to my being governor, there was a net 56 jobs created in the state of Maine. We have got 20-thousand jobs created.” He continued, “This is unlike some of my opponents who would rather throw money at a problem and get to the cocktail party instead of rolling up their sleeves and I think in that way we are not afraid to roll our sleeves up.”

In a statement late Monday afternoon, Congressman Mike Michaud said played a major role in the expansion of C & L Aerospace by securing a $580,000 grant through the Economic Development Administration.

Christie says he expects to return to Maine soon to help governor LePage on the campaign trail.