Missing Money Investigation in NH Town Where Recently Fired Skowhegan Fire Chief Worked Previously 

A New Hampshire fire department where Skowhegan’s recently fired fire chief used to work is under a criminal investigation about missing money.

47-year-old Richard Fowler was fired by Skowhegan’s town manager Friday.

She would not say why.

He took the job in May.

Fowler previously was the chief in Farmington, New Hampshire.

In a press release, the Stratford County Attorney in New Hampshire says they are investigating the possible theft of town revenues from the town of Farmington over a number of years.

It says this was reported to authorities by a member of the Farmington Fire Department.

The district attorney says Fowler was the chief of the that town’s department during a period of time they are investigating.

The amount of money possibly stolen has yet to be determined, but the district attorney says it is over the felony level of $1500.