Armed Robbery of Newburgh Dysart’s Travel Stop

Updated 6 months ago

Deputies are investigating an armed robbery of the Newburgh Dysart’s.

It happened around 10pm Friday night.

Deputies say a lone male entered the store just as it was closing.

They tell us he pushed a customer to the side before demanding money at from the clerks while waving a handgun.

He took off on foot with some cash.

No one was injured.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking that anyone who was in the area of Route 69 or the Interstate in Newburgh at that time and noticed anything suspicious to call them 947-4585.

  • polly

    I sure hope they catch that poor excuse of a human being for that robbery what a waist he is.

    • sail with this

      employees are so good at noticing “suspicious characters’ epic fail, here

      • polly

        Whoever wrote sail with this are u trying to be smart.

  • rusty shackleford

    I love these news stories that give no description of the criminal when the criminal is black and then say to report anything suspicious to the police. The purpose of a news story on crime is to inform the public to the best you can so they can assist the police in solving the crime. It is not racist to give a description of a criminal. I don’t care if it’s a white guy, a native american, an Asian or an African American give the best description possible so we can actually be on the lookout for troublemakers. Maine is a very low crime state but it won’t stay that way if we are too worried about PC garbage and get a reputation as an easy target.

  • Terry Manning

    That crook is lucky, he didn’t get his head blown off! if i worked at a store, there would be a sawed off, be hind the counter!

  • polly

    They will catch u