UPDATE: Ohio Police Believe They Have ID’d “Mystery Woman” 

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Thursday, we told you that police in Ohio asked Maine authorities for help.

A woman was arrested there more than a month ago on felony records tampering charges. Police say she refuses to give them her real name.

With the help of the public nationally, she has been identified.

Information came in identifying her as 40-year-old Ann Marie Miller, a disbarred attorney from Virginia, who has felony charges pending in both Virginia and Colorado.

Police are still looking into where she may have other connections.

They say she has gone to great lengths to conceal her identity, even burning the tips of her fingers to avoid fingerprinting.

They say she had a fake Maine drivers license.

The woman has reportedly not confirmed her name is Miller, according to reports out of Ohio, but detectives pulled pictures and other records, and those photos and records seem to match the woman in custody, and they are nearly 100 percent certain it is her.