LePage “boycotting” NFL After Ray Rice Suspension

Updated 6 months ago

You can add Governor Paul LePage to the long list of people criticizing the National Football League and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for being soft on domestic violence. LePage blasted the NFL and Goodell over their punishment of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. Rice was captured on video in February dragging his unconscious fiancee, Janay Palmer, out of an elevator in Atlantic City after he allegedly assaulted her. Rice was suspended two games by the league. Rice and Palmer are now married and Rice has publicly apologized for the incident.

Thursday morning, on the George Hale-Ric Tyler radio program LePage said he was “incensed” with anger over the “slap on the hand” for Rice saying he’s “boycotting” the NFL and sending Goodell a letter to express his outrage.

“They care so little about our women and our children that they’re going to hire these barbarians who go and hit their wives and their kids and they’re gonna get a slap on the hand? And some guy got a year for smoking pot? You know what I think he (Ray Rice) should have got? A three year suspension. The team should have taken him out behind the back shed and taken care of him. I’m so incensed about it it’s unbelievable. I’m so mad that we would allow that and he would get a slap on the hand like that.,” LePage said.

Critics of the suspension argue Goodell missed a golden opportunity to send a strong message to the league that domestic violence was not going to be tolerated.

  • Deanna

    The NFL had a perfect opportunity to show support to end domestic violence and they fumbled the ball.

  • Ethan Brown

    NFL bricked on this one. Too bad our justice system can’t find a way to punish him..why make the victim press charges when you have clear cut video evidence. This guy is a huge dude out weighing his now wife by over 100lbs of muscle..there’s no excuse

  • Capo Chino

    Hey ! NFL fans if this would of been Goodell’s daughter and she was beaten the same way by a NFL player she married would that also be in the leagues two game suspension also. I DO NOT THINK SO.

  • IndigenousWoman

    NFL = National Felons League??? I agree with the idea. I don’t think his boycott will even make them blink.

  • jbl440

    right on lepage

  • huckfnn

    ironic that LePage defends his treatment of women in children in Maine by boycotting the NFL…. his boycott begins in November… what a set of balls on this idiot

    • Mayhem

      The first step in overcoming LPD or LePage Derangement Syndrome is to admit at you are a Kool Aid swilling Lib.

    • C.Hendon

      It’s pretty sexist to call abuse of women not providing for them, and equate not giving them cash with physical violence toward them or anyone for that matter!

    • JoeSixPacks

      You need to get a grip on your hatred issues! If you can’t compliment someone you disagree with politically then just remain silent! You have that right, just not that ability, apparently! If you have to take a public position against LePage just because of who he is, even when you largely agree with him on this issue? You don’t condone domestic violence, do you? Sorry pal, but that speaks volumes about YOU, not Gov. LePage.

  • Leisa Ross Preble

    My question is, after he treated her like that, she went on to marry him .. WHY WOULD SHE DO THIS??!!! Did she really think that just because he apologized he was going to CHANGE??!!! And I have to agree .. A two year suspension wouldn’t have been enough of a punishment. Zero tolerance, people .. ZERO tolerance!!

  • nannerbs

    Completely agree! News flash, folks……FOOTBALL IS NOT THAT IMPORTANT!!